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Pet Dirt Picker

Manufacturer: Green Jem
Product Code: PDP
Price: £9.99
Price (excluding VAT): £8.33
VAT Amount: £1.67
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Allows pet dirt to be picked up with minimum bending
Lightweight but durable construction
74cm Long
18cm (approx.) wide jaws

The world's pet care favourite, our Pet Dirt Picker is lightweight, portable and works with or without a poop scoop bag. Cleaning up dog mess has never been easier!

This revolutionary tool is an excellent waste disposal system, if you have to clean up dog mess our Pet Dirt Picker is an easy to use and hygienic option. The longer length of 74cm prevents bending down and is ideal for regular use, saving time and effort.

No need to bend down to pick up - ideal if you suffer from back or hip problems.
Picks up small or large amounts of waste (even in grass)
Clean and hygienic - recommended use with a bio-degradable doggy bag.

The two jaws easily grab the waste with one hand operation for easy disposal into a bag while your hands never get near the poop and also saving your back!

You can also load up the scoop with several clean bags one on top of the other - there can always be another bag underneath for when your four legged friend needs the toilet again tomorrow. No cleaning required, no more doggie bags swinging around in your hand or nestling in your coat pocket whilst you look around for a dog bin that never seems to be close enough!

Alternatively, can be used for MANY other uses, such as cleaning garden ponds, picking fruit etc.